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Mario Tennis Aces is ready for some power serves this June

Mario Tennis Aces is ready to take it to the limit with what looks like one of the best Mario Tennis entries in a long time. The Switch exclusive finally has a release date, and you’ll be serving up power shots and smashes this summer when it hits the console on June 22.  

This new vision of the Mario Tennis franchise will let you choose between some of your favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, with four-player local co-op, online multiplayer, and a robust single-player story mode for the first time in years. 

Aside from seeing Chain Chomps suddenly grow hands (seriously, what is all that about?) and watching Mario pull off some sick tennis moves, you can try out Swing Mode to use your own Joy-Con controllers like you’re swinging a tennis racket, much like the Wii Sports tennis minigame. There are several different control schemes, in fact, most importantly for controlling the Zone Shot. Zone Shots can actually damage your opponent’s racket, leaving them open and vulnerable. If you take three hits, your racket will break, and if you’re left with a broken racket, you’ll simply have to forfeit the match to your opponent. 

There’s a veritable treasure trove of new features to play around with, especially if you have’ot tried out any of the Mario Tennis titles for some time.